We dream of a healthier, happier, more prosperous Guatemala.

Poverty is a complex problem, that requires a complex solution

To truly break Guatemala's poverty cycle, children need education plus a supportive environment addressing social and psychological needs.

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Change starts with the future leaders of this country

Where it all begins

We focus on nurturing young minds to cultivate extraordinary leaders

Colegio Mesoamericano, our 25-year-old K-12 school, is at the core of our foundation's education efforts. We are fostering extraordinary leaders poised to redefine Guatemala's future. Our campus, a melting pot of diverse social and economic backgrounds, embodies our belief that unity in diversity is crucial. We're not only breaking poverty's chains but also laying the groundwork for a prosperous era where Guatemalans empower one another, reshaping our nation's destiny.

Where our students travel from

Our current market

We serve 2 out of 22 departments in Guatemala. Some of our students travel up to 46 miles each day from various towns in Chimaltenango and Sacatepéquez to attend school.


Current Students




Building emotional resilience

Integrating emotional well-being for a holistic approach

Indigo bridges the gap in traditional education by enriching academic learning with emotional and psychological well-being. This initiative transforms education into an immersive journey that cultivates emotional intelligence and resilience. Indigo prepares students for the future by helping them understand their emotions and navigate life's complexities. It’s not just education—it’s a holistic preparation for a purposeful, connected life.

Our mission is to empower the native people of Guatemala with opportunities in education and business.

We’re on a path towards achieving sustainability in operations and overhead through our social business efforts. Our aim is to realize a fully sustainable model by 2028.

We’re always looking for change makers, join our cause!

Join Meso’s mission to transform Guatemala. We seek passionate people ready to empower, bridge gaps, and create a brighter future. Here’s how you can take action today:

Scholarship Fund

Change a child's life by sponsoring their education.

General Funds

Funds dedicated to overhead and facility maintenance costs.

Playground Project

We are raising funds to replace our 20-year-old playground.

Our current students with scholarships


Full Scholarships


Half Scholarships


General Scholarships

Join us in addressing our immediate funding needs and inspire change together

Our school’s social business model only covers 84% of our costs, we still face immediate funding gaps that need your support.

General Scholarship Fund

By donating to our general scholarship fund, you help us cover education costs for students who lack the necessary funds. Your generosity ensures that we can continue offering education to these deserving children.

Operations Fund

Donating to our operations fund supports crucial overhead costs like building maintenance and utilities, ensuring our operations run smoothly. Your contribution helps sustain the essential infrastructure of our initiatives.

Overhead Fund

Your donations to our overview fund directly support the salaries of our dedicated staff and teams. This essential support ensures our operations continue seamlessly, making a direct impact on our daily success.

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