Real Impact

We only focus our energy, and investments in ideas, and projects that truly make a difference in the lives of all those involved.

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Our Project Criteria

To ensure that our projects and your donations make an impact in local communities, we vet our ideas through the following criteria:

Community Approved

Our ideas and projects don't appear out of thin air, we consult with local communities and discuss opportunities with them.

Solves a Problem

Our projects and social businesses need to actually solve problems, or fill a void in the local market.

Measurable Impact

In order to achieve impact across the board, we need to be able to measure progress, and report results.

Colegio Mesoamericano

We are building the school of our dreams in Chimaltenango, because we believe that real change can start at the grass root level in our communities. When you make a difference in a community, it causes a ripple effect across a nation.



Emotional health is often ignored, or misunderstood. Indigo is a gathering place that helps create awareness around the importance of emotional intelligence and why it matters in today's world.



Commerce and industry changes lives. Pixel is our first social business -- a marketing agency that is creating opportunities for local Guatemalan creatives while improving Guatemala, one pixel at a time.


We know it's important to you that your donation is being used effectively. It's important to us, too. That's why we work hard to provide accountability and transparency.

Our team works closely to ensure that every dollar is accounted for and then provides reports back to our donors.