Join Our Virtual Volunteer Team and Make a Difference

Be a part of our online volunteer team and use your English to ignite enthusiasm and create bonds with our students. It’s a journey that inspires! Your unique contribution will leave a lasting impression on these young minds. Help us bridge cultures, create connections that transcend borders and languages, and inspire the next generation of global citizens at Mesoamericano!

Interested in becoming an online volunteer?

What You Need to Get Started

Donate Your Time

Volunteer for 3 hours a week, preparation time included.

Commit To One Month

Commit to volunteering with us for a minimum duration of one month

Join During School Year

Pick a month during our Guatemala school year (Jan 15th to Oct 15th).

Ready to jump in?

Getting Involved Is Easy


Zoom Connect

We'll reach out and set up a Zoom call to discuss when you're available and what you're interested in, ensuring you'll have the biggest impact.


You'll get a detailed presentation about our mission, our school guidelines, and everything you need for your volunteer role.

Intro To Your Team

We'll pair you with a teacher and introduce you to our English coordinator, who'll be there to support you.

Lesson Prep

Teachers will share their current lessons and ideas with you, so you know exactly what to focus on with the students.

Zoom Sessions

You'll connect with up to three students on Zoom at a time that suits you, to engage, inspire, and support their growth.

Have Fun and Connect!

Most importantly, enjoy your time and make lasting connections with our students!

Gracias! We’re so Excited To Meet You!