Our Mission

Meso Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to empowering the native people of Guatemala.

Give Monthly

Fight Oppression

We connect with locals and stand as a voice for those who are voiceless, and with strength for those who need support.

Provide Tools

The right tools or specific skills can mean the advantage that facilitates equal opportunities.

Pave Paths

We create better opportunities through our social businesses - it creates a better tomorrow for all involved.

A better Guatemala

"We dream of a country where the resource of human labor is honored, respected, and not exploited. Where the rise of technology is received as a respite, and gives way to business opportunities with creative and holistic solutions that turn into meaningful jobs. Where children have the opportunity to access an education that stimulates, shelters, and prepares them to lead and problem solve for the current world affairs. Where ancient wisdom of food and land is restored and respected. Where the natives of the land are honored for their past and present strengths in being the keepers of a culture that has marveled scientists for thousands of years."

Raquel and Julio Salazar

Our Journey

Our foundation isn’t new, but it has definitely evolved over the past 20 years. As we learn and grow, we find better ways to leverage projects and social businesses that are able to impact more lives across Guatemala. 


The very beginning

Classes at Colegio Mesoamericano started with 79 students using cinder blocks and plywood for desks. We began the hard work of converting an old mattress factory in Chimaltenango into an…


Our second school

Support for our approach to education grew and we opened a second school in the town of Patzicia.


Our third school

A third school in Momostenango opens, and our reputation for child-centered learning gains traction.


First high school graduation

Our first class of students graduates high school – 9 students who paved the way for our current average of 112 graduates each year.


Momostenango is sold

Global financial trouble impacts our endowment and we are forced to sell our Momostenango campus.


Patcizia is sold

Hoping to invest in our aging original campus, we choose to sell the Patcizia school to a likeminded organization.

Meso Foundation is formed

Meso Foundation is reorganized and established in the United States, independent of the schools, to clarify the vision and bring energy to the mission of Colegio Mesoamericano.


Meso Foundation operates out of Guatemala

Raquel and her family move to Guatemala to help organize efforts and connect to partners on the ground.


Enter Covid-19

We launch online classes via Google Classroom and curiosity challenges on Facebook groups to keep students and teachers connected during the pandemic.