Our Founder’s Story

From a young age, Julio Salazar felt called to create opportunities for the people of his home country, Guatemala. He faced challenges along the way, but his dream eventually became reality when he started the Meso Foundation 25 years ago. Thanks to his tenacity and vision, the foundation now empowers Guatemalans of all ages through education and social business programs that have a profound impact on the course and quality of their lives.

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Our Mission

We are a non-profit foundation on a mission to empower the native people of Guatemala with opportunities.

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Rise with Meso

At Meso, our core values are a call to action. They inspire our donors, partners, and team members to unite and create opportunities that empower the native people of Guatemala.

Respect and Responsibility

We act from a sense of responsibility to help others while respecting them, listening to them, and learning how we can be of service.

Intention and Impact

We believe our intentions and our impact should be positive and aligned with our vision of a happier, healthier, more prosperous Guatemala.

Strategy and Synergy

We make strategic decisions that help us achieve a state of synergy, where flow and impact flourish.

Enthusiasm and Energy

We find our work energizing, and this enthusiasm inspires others to join our mission.


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We are dreamers on a mission to empower the people of Guatemala.

Raquel Salazar

Cofounder x President

Ortorovao Tiu Yee


Adriana Salazar

Brand Manager