Prioritizing our emotional and psychological well-being

Project Indigo was launched to offer a comprehensive emotional intelligence curriculum dedicated to nurturing emotional and psychological well-being. It provides essential tools for understanding and managing emotions, enhancing resilience, and building healthy relationships. By prioritizing mental health, Indigo empowers individuals to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives.

The vision of Project Indigo:

Imagine a world full of integrated, whole, self aware people striving to live to their full potential.

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Our Mission

To help children navigate their individual life experience and unveil their full potential.

Our Indigo Compass

I Observe: I develop a witness without judgment so I can observe, gain perspective and manage my attention.
I Want: I explore what I want with curiosity and try to profoundly understand my short term and long term needs.
I Can: With a growth mindset I know I am capable of identifying patterns to form effective strategies to accomplish my goals.
I Think: I explore the faculty of my mind, thoughts, memories, and the meaning I give to things and investigate them with my rational thinking.
I am Responsible: I learn to respect my power, knowing my potential impact and the ability I have to choose my responses.
I am Enthusiastic: I have the ability to generate sustainable energy through appreciation and acceptance.
I am Brave: I trust and have courage that I can confront difficult situations, in spite of my fears, so I can challenge myself and evolve.
I Feel: I explore the nature of my emotions and sensations in order to best use my imagination and best access my intuition.

Developing Our Culture

At Indigo, we aim to create a culture that serves as a bridge to our mission. This culture is built on shared values, a unified way of communicating, and common tools for learning. It’s a place where routines have meaning and our expressions and emotions are celebrated.

In our community, we strive to make each member feel confident and self-assured, ready to lead not just themselves but also to guide others.

At the heart of our culture are three core skills that we practice and apply every day:

Growth Mindset

Self Awareness

Self Navigation

How do we make Indigo a reality?

We bring Indigo to life through a three-step approach that involves education, practical tools, and hands-on application. Indigo helps raise our emotional intelligence in our Meso community by offering a dedicate Indigo Class for our Meso students, comprehensive Teacher and Staff Training sessions, and enlightening Parent Seminars.

Indigo Class

We create a safe space for students to learn and actively practice to embrace a growth mindset, become self-aware, and learn to self-navigate. With a focus on interactive sessions and peer engagement, our approach encourages practical application not only within the classroom but also at home and in personal life.

Teacher and Staff Training

In our training sessions, we empower our staff to integrate indigo practices into their professional and personal lives. Teachers are equipped with tools to navigate moments of conflict, enhance motivation, and manage instances of emotional dysregulation. Additionally, administrators receive guidance on leadership strategies that promote the cultivation of emotional intelligence within the school environment.

Parent Seminars

Our parent seminars provide valuable insights for parents to better understand themselves and their children. By offering practical guidance, these seminars empower parents at home, fostering a deeper connection with their kids. We emphasize the use of a common language employed in school, facilitating effective communication between parents and their children.

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