Creating Opportunities

Pixel, our creative agency consists of Guatemalan creatives on a mission to Create for Good™.

Team Members

Leveraging Business to Create Change

In 2019, our cofounders Raquel Salazar and Tiu Yee embarked on a journey to Guatemala, driven by a dream to elevate the Meso Foundation. As they navigated through challenges, a vision emerged: the heart of any thriving endeavor is rooted in marketing and the ability to tell stories. With this insight, they founded Pixel in 2021, not just as a creative agency, but as a beacon of opportunity for local creatives, supporting the Meso Foundation’s missions and paving the way for its future endeavors.

Fostering a Creative Workspace

Pixel was established to empower talented creators in Guatemala, a country where opportunities can be limited. We are committed to ensuring that our team members earn a decent living wage and have the chance to engage in meaningful work. Unlike the prevailing industry norms where employees are expected to overwork without voicing their concerns or ideas, Pixel empowers its talented creators to use their voices, be visible, and contribute to their fullest potential, thereby elevating the work experience.

Our Business Model

With our innovative social business approach, we unlock opportunities where everyone benefits. Together with aligned partner businesses, we turn their visionary ideas into reality, inspire our team members, and contribute to the vision of our foundation.