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Our K-12 school. Colegio Mesoamericano: Where the right environment, right tools, and right connections transform students into tomorrow’s leaders.

We believe in empowering students to see challenges from a broader perspective and helping students from all diverse socioeconomic backgrounds break the cycle of poverty. Our ultimate goal is to build a system where Guatemalans uplift fellow Guatemalans. Join us on this transformative journey.

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Students who complete our program leave ready to lead.

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We develop extraordinary leaders like Jesús

Jesús has the aptitude and attitude to accomplish great things. But his family doesn’t have the finances to support his education. Thanks to a scholarship to Meso Foundation’s Colegio Mesoamericano, Jesús has thrived in our well-rounded, skill-based learning curriculum and our comprehensive emotional intelligence program. He graduated from Meso with the tools to make a difference in his family and his community.

Students on scholarship
Current Students

The Challenge

Poverty lies at the heart of our challenges, Guatemala has a poverty rate of approximately 48.4%, with rural areas experiencing even higher rates (World Bank, 2021). However, to break the cycle of poverty for a child, education alone is insufficient. The child needs to be in an environment where various factors, such as social and psychological elements, do not perpetuate the cycle. This ensures that the child does not follow the same path.

Lack of Goal Setting
Lack of Coping Skills
Cultural x Religions Norms
Crab Effect
Teen Pregnancies
Lack of Education

Our Solution

Psychological Needs

We address the psychological needs of our students through several dedicated approaches:

Scholarship Student Support

We have a trained psychologist who is committed to overseeing the well-being of our scholarship students. This includes not only their academic progress but also their social and emotional needs. Our psychologist provides valuable guidance and support to help students thrive holistically.

Indigo Emotional Intelligence Curriculum

Our school places a strong emphasis on emotional intelligence through our Indigo program. This comprehensive curriculum is designed to nurture the emotional well-being of our students. It extends its benefits to teachers, parents, and students, providing them with the necessary support and tools to navigate life’s challenges effectively.

Psychological Guidance

To further bolster our efforts, we have a team of trained psychologists working at the school. They are instrumental in addressing individual, case-specific issues that students may face. This allows us to provide personalized support and intervention when needed, ensuring that each student receives the assistance required to succeed both academically and emotionally.

Social Needs

We are committed to addressing the social needs of our students through various effective strategies:

Diverse Social Networks

Our student body represents a wide range of social and economic backgrounds. This diversity allows students to provide support to each other throughout their academic journey and beyond, even after they graduate. The connections formed within this diverse community foster a sense of unity and shared experiences.

Redefining Dreams

We promote opportunities for our students to dream big and actively support those dreams as they develop and take shape. Our educational culture encourages students to expand their horizons and grow, emphasizing the validation of their aspirations. We believe in nurturing dreams and helping students transform them into achievable paths.


To promote a culture of recognition and appreciation, both students and teachers participate in the BEAR vote every two weeks. This voting process assesses whether a student is displaying qualities such as being brave, enthusiastic, attentive, or responsible. It empowers students to recognize the value of their actions and understand their worth as individuals, extending beyond their academic performance.

Pave Path Coordinator

We have a dedicated Pave Path Coordinator who continually seeks out opportunities that extend beyond the boundaries of our school. This coordinator identifies various possibilities, including summer camps, international opportunities, and college scholarships, to support our students in their journey towards a brighter future. This ensures that our students have access to a wide range of opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Physical Needs

We place a strong emphasis on addressing the physical needs of our students through the following avenues:

Nutritious Food

Our cafeteria prioritizes nutritious and wholesome food choices. We firmly believe that a healthy mind is closely tied to a healthy body. We cook with olive oil and our menu includes an array of options, with a significant focus on fresh local fruits and vegetables. We also offer a variety of snacks that are carefully selected to ensure they do not contain MSG and similar harmful additives.

Safe Physical Spaces

We understand the importance of physical activity for our students’ overall well-being. Our school provides ample space for children to run and play. During recess, we actively encourage students to head outdoors, fostering connections and promoting play. This outdoor time not only contributes to physical health but also helps students build social bonds.

Uniforms and Equality

As a private school, we have a uniform policy in place. However, our approach to uniforms goes beyond mere clothing. Our uniforms are designed to promote equality and unity among students. The emphasis is on comfortable and equal attire, ensuring that students see each other as peers, regardless of the clothes they wear.

Holistic Curriculum

Our educational approach centers around the “Skills for Success” curriculum, which focuses on four major areas:

• Math and Science: Providing a strong foundation in these subjects to foster critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

• Language: Enhancing communication skills and language proficiency.

• Art and Culture: Encouraging creativity, self-expression, and an appreciation for diverse cultures.

• Technology: Equipping students with the technological skills necessary for the modern world.

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