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July 25, 2022

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An Emotional Reunion After Two Years Away

After two years of uncertainty and isolation, we’re happy to announce that Meso students are officially back on campus for the 2022 school year. We’ve created a hybrid model where our students can learn both online and in-person while adhering to the COVID-19 precautions mandated by the ministry of education in Guatemala.  Students are currently learning on campus four days per week and remotely one day per week. While our students and teachers are excited to be back, it’s a huge adjustment from the completely virtual learning everyone’s grown accustomed to over the past two years.  So far, the return to in-person learning has been equally heartwarming and heartbreaking for our students. Meso is like a second home to them, and coming back after so long without access to our campus and staff has been incredibly emotional. Our teachers were given strict instructions from government mandates that they were not to hug or have any close contact. However, as children poured into the school, many failed to contain their emotions, crying and hugging their beloved teachers after what seemed like a lifetime apart.  Our teachers reported many joyful reunions and many moments of extreme anxiety as we carefully returned to school. To many, our beautiful campus had become a faded ideal, a long-lost dream of the past. Preparing our abandoned campus for the moment of reunion took an incredible amount of thoughtful planning and hard work as well. Putting the systems, processes, and structure in place that we needed for this transition with the pressure of the ministry of education and the anxiety of parents and staff, was a huge accomplishment orchestrated by our superstar admin team and executed beautifully by our amazing teachers and staff. We’re very happy to report that we’ll continue resuming in-person classes little by little as we’re given the green light from the government. We’re grateful for your support and contribution in this time of growth and challenge. Together, one person at a time, one moment at a time, we build a better future for Guatemala and the world.
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