Abuelo Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaja

Wandering Wolf

13th generation of Aj’qij, from his birth he came predestined to walk the world, carrying the message of peace and sacred fire to the 5 continents of our mother Earth.  Despite having been orphaned very small, losing his father and mother, he struggled to get ahead, meeting people who helped him learn to read and write, he was able to pave his path. His Maya kiche name “Wakatel Utiw”, Wandering Wolf, a name given to him by the great grandparents, invisible spirits, during a Mayan ceremony, in the sacred place Kampana’baj San Francisco el Alto, Totonicapan.

In his life, Aj’Qij has struggled to defend the rights of the indigenous people, of the people Maya, working to defend sacred places and creating the Council of Indigenous Elders and spiritual guides of Guatemala. In 2008, he was appointed Ambassador of indigenous peoples, by the President of the Republic of Guatemala.


What does it mean to be a member of the Mayan Spiritual Council?

Being a Mayan Spiritual guide, or Aj’Qij, the counter of time or days, is a very beautiful responsibility. It is the responsibility to guide our people, to guide our family and our brothers. In the 20 days of the Mayan Calendar, each day is very important for our lives. It is the 20 days where we find many meanings and we also find the connection with our great Ajaw, our creator! God!”

A Little Of Our Story

Passing on the sacred staff

Abuelo Alexandro has traveled all of mother earth for over 50 years, carrying the message of peace and sacred fire to the 5 continents. At the age of 91 he continues the Mayan tradition and passing on the Treasury of the Mayan culture passed down orally, inherited from father to son, from grandfather to grandson.

He leaves his successor, who has inherited the Mayan sacred staff, which belongs to his family for more than 2,000 years, his grandson Jeronimo Paxtor Perez, 14th generation of Aj'qij who will continue on the path of the Mayan spiritual guides.

25,000 years in the making

The first Mayan ceremony was done more than 25,000 thousand years ago, by our great grandparents, Balam Kiche, Balam Aqap, maj'Kutaj, Iq Balam.

It was the beginning of our Mayan calendar. The beginning of the light, the sunrise of our mother earth. The first offering of fire to the creator. We are now in the sixth Sol (each Sol is 5200 years long).