Over the last 22 years, we have invested a lot of time and energy to develop the kind of teachers we want to help us fulfill our mission to redefine education and to raise extraordinary leaders.

Today we can say with confidence that we have extraordinary teachers… and we don’t want to lose them.

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Our vision is a better Guatemala, free of all forms of oppression.

We are a foundation utilizing creativity + social businesses to empower the native people of Guatemala.

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Fight Oppression

Racial, economic, and social oppression are still prevalent in modern day Guatemala. It is time to break these ancient chains of oppression.

Create Tools

The right tools, and skills can mean the advantage that facilitates equal rights and opportunities.

Pave Paths

Leveraging the right partners, investments, and social businesses is how we create opportunities to a better tomorrow.

Real Impact

Since 1998, we’ve impacted over 8000 lives, and raised over $2 million to fund vital projects in different departments of Guatemala.

Meet our Founders

In 1998, Julio Salazar started a school in the highlands of Guatemala. Now he and his daughter Raquel Salazar continue his dream to improve his homeland of Guatemala.

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Our current projects:

Project Jeronimo


Colegio Mesoamericano

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Central Alliance

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