Back to School

Returning to school in person after 2 years of isolation and remote learning brings excitement for reconnecting with peers, teachers, and a sense of normalcy.

Project Indigo launches at Meso

In the middle of COVID-19, we launched Indigo, our emotional intelligence based curriculum. With our team psychologist we successfully pilot our first 12 weeks of Indigo classes at Colegio Mesoamericano.

We launch our first social business!

Pixel Productions comes to life. A boutique marketing agency with a mission to “Create for Good.” Launched in April 2021, we leverage creativity and commerce to develop more education and career opportunities in Guatemala.

Partnership with Redmond

We formalize our partnership with Redmond, Inc., a Utah based company on a mission to elevate the human experience. Redmond offers a 1:1 matching program for Redmond associates who donate to Colegio Mesoamericano’s Scholarship Program.

Enter COVID-19

As Guatemala enters lockdown, Colegio Mesoamericano moves classes online via Google Classroom. Together with our admin team, we create curiosity challenges on our school Facebook groups to keep our students and teachers connected during the pandemic.